What Is the Best Approach to Prepare for General Awareness for Your Bank Exam

Preparing for competitive exams requires a fusion of hard work and planning. Time, as you know, will always be a limit as long as you work together on zealous preparation. So, what’s the best strategy to prepare for the general awareness section of your bank exam? Can downloading a general awareness PDF  be of some help? Get the answer to this question, plus more in this blog.

An Important Message Before You Start

These days, bank exams are becoming more popular. Candidates looking to work with a bank or one of its affiliated institutions have a wide range of opportunities. Entering or passing bank exams seems to be a simple process, but it necessitates a great deal of hard work, persistence, and dedication.

Since many bank examinations are held by various agencies such as SBI, IBPS, NABARD, and RBI for multiple positions such as PO, clerk, etc., it would be challenging for a newcomer. While most bank examinations are similar in concept, they may differ in pattern and design.

Understand the Prelims and Mains Exam Pattern

The preliminary or entrance stage in almost all the bank exams is the same, although their main examinations vary from each other. The study of banking is more mathematical and rationale-centric than general knowledge. However, due to its inclusion in the mains and interview sections, general awareness is the secret to securing a place in the merit list.

Time Management

It is the secret to opening the door to a bank job. When you review the layout of the required exams, you will recognize that this exam has a defined timing, and most of the time, the exam happens in online mode. So, when the time limit is running out, the test closes immediately. So, it would help if you manage your time effectively and efficiently.

Some Quick Tips to Break the Shackle of Exam Fear!

  • Inculcate the routine of reading a newspaper daily, and watch the tv as well.
  • Applicants must remain up-to-date on national and global events.
  • Don’t miss learning static GK.
  • Take approximately one to two practice tests a day to evaluate the readiness of candidates.
  • Applicants must subscribe to the monthly news publications.
  • Focus on sectors like banking, economics, and finances.
  • Take at least three hours a day to prepare for the General Awareness portion of the exam.
  • Stay up-to-date with the last six months of current affairs.
  • Go through previous years’ papers to see the amount and kind of questions posed in the exam.
  • Applicants must be curious about relevant topics and events across the globe.
  • Please make notes on relevant topics for the exam.
  • Applicants must practice quizzes in their spare time.
  • Download a general awareness PDF to set you apart from those who don’t care about reading.


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