Some Of The Stranger Flavours Of E-Liquids That You Can Buy

Vaping is an effective nicotine replacement therapy that millions of people use worldwide to help them stop smoking, and for many, it is a pleasurable experience. There are many different e-liquid flavours you can choose from, so there is a suitable option for everyone. Many flavours are sweet and based on fruits and desserts, but there are also some strange flavour concoctions available. Below are some of the more outlandish e-liquid flavours that you may or may not want to try that may enhance your vaping experience or make you feel sick.

Butter Flavour

Many of us love butter, and we will use it for cooking and putting on toast and bread, but it is not the type of food you would usually eat without anything else. However, that has not stopped someone from creating a butter flavour e juice that is rich and creamy and tastes almost exactly like the real thing. Although the flavour is realistic, it may be okay to vape as a novelty, but it is not the type of flavour you would want to vape all the time.

Garlic Flavour

Another flavour profile that many of us love in our food is garlic, and this bulbous plant is used throughout the world to enhance the flavour of food. However, you would not typically sit ad eat garlic without anything else, but that has not stopped someone from creating a garlic flavour e-liquid. The smell of this e-liquid is powerful, and when you vape it, the odour can often linger in an enclosed room. If you find garlic off-putting, it may be an e-liquid that you will want to avoid and may even turn you back to smoking cigarettes rather than vaping this e-juice.

Tuna Flavour

Another flavour that people love to eat is tuna, and it is one of the most popular fish that people buy in supermarkets. Someone also thought it was an excellent idea to create a tuna flavour e-liquid and cash in on the love of seafood of many people. Unlike some of the other strange flavour e-liquids, this one is not as powerful and has only a subtle taste of the tuna fish you know and love.

Bacon Flavour

If you are a bacon lover, you may be interested to hear that bacon flavour e-liquids are available if you want to vape them. However, many reviews of this flavour profile that you can find online say that it is not a potent e-liquid, and the taste is rather bland. The most substantial taste that you get from this flavour profile is a burnt taste, which is not very appealing, and hence, this is not a very popular e-liquid flavour at all.

Black Pepper Flavour

Another strange flavour profile you may want to give a try is black pepper flavour e-liquid. It seems to be a flavour that you either love or hate judging by the online reviews. However, it is meant to have an authentic taste, so if you are a lover of black pepper, you may want to give it a try before it is no longer available.