How To Host A Shoe Fundraiser In The Best Way

Hosting a shoe fundraiser is a creative way to help individuals collect money for schools, clubs, non-profit organizations, churches, or the community. It is easy to get started and offers one an opportunity to give back to others.

Follow the steps below to achieve shoe fundraiser success.

One needs to find a Partner.

It is good to start the shoe drive fundraiser by partnering with a particular organization. One should partner with a shoe fundraising company that dedicatedly turns unwanted footwear into opportunities for less fortunate people. Individuals should ensure that they choose an organization whose mission they believe in and get started with the resources they provide. There should not be any cost involved for the shoe fundraiser. Given below is a list of things that are shown in the starter kit of the shoe fundraiser company:

  •   Five collection bags
  •   Some pre-paid shipping labels
  •   Marketing materials that can be downloaded easily.

Make sure to collect shoes rather than cash.

Most often, people are asked to donate money or help with the fundraisers from many companies and might feel overwhelmed when they come across another event that will help them raise funds. But an important fact to note here is that just as everyone has a pair of rarely used shoes that they are no longer wearing, they are just sitting at the back of their closet. These shoe drive fundraisers give them a chance to get rid of something they don’t want and put them to a good cause. There is thus neither any guilt nor any pressure. Therefore, one need not feel awkward or intimidated when asking people to participate in the business.

One should get proper funds.

Once the shoe fundraiser is complete, one needs to pack up the shoes in the bags that have been provided by the organization with which they have partnered and send all of those shoes to them. If one is hosting an ongoing fundraiser, one will send the shoes in a good collection bag. Once the company receives the bags full of gently used shoes, the organization processes the boots. It calculates the total amount based on either the number of pairs or the pounds of shoes that have been collected at the shoe fundraiser event. Then one receives an e-check or a check in the mail and can put the money towards the needs of a particular group or a community.

Give back to the environment.

The shoes that one will no longer use will finally end up in a landfill; every pair of shoes one collects during the shoe fundraiser goes to a good cause. Many organizations use these shoes to:

  •   Launch micro-entrepreneurship in some of the most impoverished areas of the world
  •   Provide access to footwear for children who require shoes to go to school and their parents are not able to afford them.
  •   Prevent infectious disease from spreading by avoiding contact with bare feet.


A simple shoe fundraising company can have a lasting impact by organizing a specific fundraising event where they can give away unwanted shoes to those in need. One should research before selecting a show fundraising company to partner with.