Bamboo Rugs – Most Elegant And Environmentally Friendly Choice For Interior Decor

Increasing numbers of people have become atmosphere conscious nowadays and therefore are embracing eco-friendly products for his or her homes. One particular method is natural material rugs utilized as rugs or accent rugs. Bamboo rug comes under this category. Bamboo rug is an extremely elegant, eco-friendly natural rug and it is gaining recognition in recent days. The gorgeous bamboo rug adds beauty to all kinds of flooring, including carpeted floors in addition to hardwood, ceramic, vinyl and marble floors. They’re durable along with a classy accessory for any kind of interior decor whether it’s conventional and classic or contemporary and classy.

Many of these rugs are manufactured from mature five to six years old bamboo trees in the Anji mountain tops in China. The bamboo is cleaned and kiln dried to get rid of excess moisture and stop warping. Once the rugs are produced, they’re fitted with non-slip rug pad backing to avoid skidding on smooth surfaces. They’re also treated chemically to provide them longer existence and stop fading. They’re mostly for indoor use like rugs or accent rugs. Sometimes, the bamboo rugs will also be utilized in closed outside areas like gazebos, screened porch etc. These bamboo rugs are available in attractive colors and when maintained correctly, the colour may last for an eternity. Below are great tips for correct upkeep of bamboo rugs:

1. Keep bamboo rugs from sunlight so far as possible, to prevent fading of colours.

2. If rug will be used outdoors, make certain to keep it inside after use.

3. Keep bamboo rugs from ponds or rain. If bamboo rugs get wet, wipe them dry having a cloth, then hang them as much as completely airdry. Never roll-up a bamboo rug that is partly wet since it can lead to mildew and mold formation.

4. Finally, before lounging the bamboo rug again on the ground, make certain the floor area is totally dry.

These small steps can make sure the rug’s durability. Besides being eco-friendly, the colorful bamboo rug can also add a little class to your rooms in the home.