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5 Signs Suggesting You Need a New Real Estate Broker

Realtors come in all shapes and sizes. Some work independently; others own large firms with legions of agents working under them. It is a mixed bag. The thing to remember is that there are good and bad brokers. Unfortunately, finding out you need a new one in the midst of trying to buy a house is not a good situation.

Whether you’re talking brokers or agents, the best in the business demonstrate it by their actions. The same goes for the worst. How would you know? What should you look for? Here are five signs suggesting you need new real estate broker:

1. Lack of Professional Behavior

We expect brokers and agents to present themselves in a professional manner. This includes things like dressing appropriately and arriving on time. We expect them to speak politely and exhibit a friendly personality. Truth be told, we all know what professional behavior looks like.

A realtor who lacks professional behavior is one to be careful of. If yours sends rude emails or has a tendency toward foul language, you know you are not dealing with a professional. This is a person who could easily scuttle a good deal.

2. Lack of Transparency

A lack of transparency in real estate actions is an absolute no-no. If you are the seller rather than the buyer, be wary of an agent recommending that you stretch the truth regarding disclosures. Be upfront and honest about everything. Otherwise, things could come back to bite you later on.

Also remember that stretching the truth can, in some cases, constitute a crime. If it turns into an all-out lie, you and your unscrupulous agent can actually be violating the law.

3. Lack of Interest in Your Goals

The best brokers understand that a house is more than just a physical structure their clients will live in. It is a home that will play an important role in the buyer’s life for years to come. In light of that, the agents in Salt Lake City’s CityHome Collective say that brokers and agents should take an interest in their clients’ goals.

If your broker isn’t inquiring about your goals and plans, ask yourself why. It might be that their only goal is to close a deal irrespective of how it affects your long-term future. Good brokers want to make deals. But they also want those deals to be good for their clients.

4. Lack of Production

Be wary of brokers who do not seem to produce much. Low producing agents are one thing, but a broker who doesn’t produce might be in the wrong business. If they haven’t produced all along, are they likely to produce for you? Probably not.

5. A Lack of Cooperation

Finally, real estate brokers and agents are supposed to be guiding you toward the best possible deal on a home you love enough to purchase. Ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat. Some agents and brokers do not work that way. Instead, they take the driver’s seat and expect you to ride along regardless of what the journey looks like. This is not good.

Your broker or agent should cooperate with you in a partnership. You should not be dictated to. If your broker demonstrates a lack of such cooperation, it might be time to move on.

Finding out your real estate broker is not up to the job isn’t the most pleasant experience. But there are always workarounds. If your broker demonstrates any of the warning signs mentioned in this post, consider the possibility that you may eventually have to find a new one.