13 Trading Tips That Will Change Your Life: Insider Secrets on How to Be Successful

The trading world is a mystical one, with many traders have achieved success and riches trading stocks. They are the insiders that know the tricks of trading, but they never share their secrets. Not anymore! We have compiled thirteen insider trading tips for you to get started on your journey to trading success.

Follow these 13 steps, and you will be well on your way to becoming a successful trader:

  1. Protect your trading account with a trading platform: trading platforms provide trading options and tools necessary to trade.

Figure out what type of trader you want to be: whether you want short-term trading or trading for the long term, you need to know what type of trading would suit your personality.

  1. Join trading groups to find trading signals and other traders who are successful.
  1. Diversify your portfolio by following the Rule of 20: Divide up investment money into lots of different investments, each worth $20-$200. This will help reduce risk if one type or company does not do well.
  1. Use limit orders so you don’t lose control over the value of stocks that could go higher or lower than where they currently stand on the market.
  1. Keep track of what has been profitable for you regarding trading strategy and consider adding these back into the mix when it seems like things might be slowing down. Sometimes diversifying is necessary!
  1. Spend time learning about trading. Many trading books have been published on trading strategies such as: trading psychology, trading strategies and trading basics.
  1. You need to know your risk tolerance: If you are more conservative when it comes to trading stocks then don’t invest in high risk trades or company stocks that make up for a large percentage of the market capitalization index (i.e., Google).
  1. Research the trading platform you are using to see if any of their packages offer free or discounted trades for new members and take advantage of these opportunities!
  1. Take care not only your trading account but yourself as well by making sure you’re eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep every night so when it comes time to trade again in the morning or evening hours, your body is ready for a day of success without weariness creeping up too quickly
  1. Write down all losses (no matter how small) as they happen,, so there’s no chance to forget about them later – this will help keep trading costs low because forgetting to track losses can lead to more trading costs.
  1. Get trading software that will help with analyzing the risk involved in trading and make trading decisions easier as well
  1. Understand various strategies for trading momentum stocks: Momentum traders buy when there is a possible increase in price, and sell when the stock prices have decreased. These types of trades work best on short term time frames rather than long term
  1. Don’t trade out of boredom or trading without a strategy. Strategy is crucial!

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